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Consumer Protection

Don't Be Scammed!

- Brent Milner, Senior Vice President Operations

Do you know how far CharterBank goes to prevent fraud from occurring? Do you know how many layers of security we have in place to protect our entire banking operation, from a customer's debit card to our email protection? Each year we spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to protect our customers’ interests.  

We strive to prevent fraud and fraud type events from happening. In an electronic transacting world it is difficult and near to impossible to stop all fraud. However, we are constantly adjusting our defenses to stop the multitude of attacks we and our customers face. Over the past two years, we have seen fraud events with wires, debit cards, phone scams, and social engineering that involve a combination of these events.  In most instances of fraud the consumer can help prevent or stop it from happening.  Remember the following about CharterBank and how we serve our customers:


1) We will never call and ask for personal information.  This would include a password, a PIN, or a debit card number.

2) We will never send an email asking for personal information nor do we transmit nonpublic information through unencrypted email.

3) People who commit fraud will often times represent a fictitious company or pretend to know someone you work with or know. If a caller or email refers to someone you know then reach out to that person to verify the situation.

4) Never provide debit or credit card information to someone unless you are sure who you are talking to and you initiated the call.  

5) If you suspect you are the victim of fraud report it immediately.  Often potential, fraudulent activity can be stopped if you act quickly.

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