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Is Your Business Secure?

Is your business safe from theft — whether online theft or physical theft? Take a moment to review some important ways you can protect your business from theft:

  • Use secure passwords. Make sure you and your employees use passwords that are difficult to crack. Avoid using birthdates, special anniversaries, 1-2-3-4, etc. And, make sure you change your passwords regularly.
  • Keep your keys secure. You should only give keys to those employees who must have them to open or close the business. When you are not using your keys, be sure to keep them in a secure location at all times. Be sure to have policies in place for employee use of keys and their security.
  • Use protective software. Because the use of the internet and e-mail are critical parts of business development and customer service for most businesses, it is important that you provide the protective software (e.g., anti-virus software, malware software, etc.) necessary to keep your website, e-mail accounts and servers safe from hackers.
  • Invest in an alarm system. If you have an office for your business, it is wise to invest in a good alarm system to protect your belongings and equipment when you are not there. Additionally, it may be a good idea to purchase security cameras to use during and after business hours.
  • Back up your data. One of the best ways to keep your information protected is to back up your data regularly — and many prefer to do so on an offsite server in case something happens in your local area.

The safety and security of your business is important to us at CharterBank. Using these tips will help you on the road to providing maximum security for your business. Click here to review some of the ways we can continue to support the growth and vitality of your business.


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