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Gas Saving Tips for Your Automobile

One of the highest monthly bills for most Americans who commute is their fuel bill. Filling up on a weekly basis (or more) really can add up - especially when gas prices spike. Let's take a look at some simple steps to help you save money on those regular fill ups.

Manage how you drive your car. Believe it or not, fuel efficiency is directly related to the way you drive. If you regularly accelerate quickly and stop quickly, try taking more time to accelerate to your desired speed. Keeping the rpm of the motor low as you accelerate will help the motor to function at a higher level of efficiency. Additionally, use cruise control as often as possible when driving on the highway. Maintaining a consistent speed will enhance your fuel efficiently.

Ensure your car is in proper working order. You should always drive with your tires at the manufacturer recommended inflation level so you can enhance fuel efficiency. Driving with under or over inflated tires will not only cost more money in fuel, but you may experience premature tire wear. You should also keep your fuel and air filters cleaned on a regular basis, and keep your engine tuned properly. Additionally, you should be sure you are using the correct grade of engine oil and have your car serviced as the manufacturer recommended intervals.

Keep your weight and drag in check. Try your best to eliminate any potential external fuel consumers, such as reducing unnecessary weight, removing exterior drag (e.g., roof boxes, racks, etc.), or even driving with your windows down. And, try to limit your use of air conditioning when possible.

Each of these suggestions can help make small differences in the fuel efficiency of your car. And the more of these suggestions you are able to successfully add to your daily driving practice, the more money you will save.


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