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Start the new year with a clean slate and a new budget.

Creating a monthly budget (and following it) can seem like a daunting task to many people.  It doesn’t have to be, and CharterBank is here to help you get your money on track for the new year.


The first step is to list all of your income either on paper or a computer spreadsheet if that’s easier. Income should include your bring home pay, not your pre-tax or gross pay, as well as income from other sources such as social security, side jobs, child support, etc.


Next, list all of your expenses. Write down everything from monthly to quarterly to yearly payments.  For example your cell phone bill would be monthly, you may pay your auto or homeowners insurance quarterly or even annually.  Expenses can be broken out into categories too like home, transportation, and medical expenses.  Whatever helps you remember all of your expenses and keeps them organized. Don’t forget to include expenses like food, gas, and entertainment.  Keeping receipts or making notes as you spend on these type items can help you recall them and place them in the proper category.

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CharterBank announces the Swipe it Forward Event.


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