Social Media Guidelines

Community Guidelines:

We encourage you to express your thoughts about us, our products, or our service on our Facebook and Twitter page. We want to hear what you have to say, and what your experiences are!

However, we reserve the right to delete comments or posts such as the following:

  • Posts that are off-topic or irrelevant to our business.
  • Posts that contain inappropriate words or phrases.
  • Posts that contain personal or private information.
  • Posts containing employee names, when unwarranted.
Protecting Your Online Privacy:
  • Never open a spam email or other emails from unknown sources. They may contain viruses or other programs that will make your computer vulnerable to intrusion.
  • Never click on a link in an email claiming to come from a financial institution or business, and never provide personal or account data in response. The email may be a fake sent by "phishing" scammers.
  • Do not put any credit card numbers or any other personal information on any website that you are not familiar with and are not sure is authentic.
  • Be aware of techniques for redirecting website users to "cloned" replica sites without their knowledge, also known as "pharming." Watch for odd error messages, unexpected page layout or content or other strange site behavior.
  • Choose companies that provide secure transactions and have strong privacy and security policies.
  • If you bank or transact online, watch your accounts closely for signs of fraud. Encourage those businesses to adopt multi-layer authentication (not just user name/password) to protect your accounts and information. CharterBank currently requires the use of 128-bit encryption - the highest level of authentication available.
  • To keep hackers from stealing information on your home computer: install a firewall; install virus protection software and keep it updated; keep administrative names and passwords updated; set wireless networks to "no broadcast"; and be sure to power down your computer when not in use.
  • Before disposing of your computer, remove all storage drives. Do not rely on the "delete" or trash function to remove files containing sensitive information.
  • Store personal files and data back-up securely in your home, especially if you have roommates, employ outside help, or have service work done in your home. Be sure to turn on all security settings built into your computer, and password-protect your computer and files that have sensitive personal or account data.
  • Be wary of downloading anything in an email until you can verify the authenticity of the source. This includes the new social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

CharterBank will NEVER call or email you asking for account or personal information. If you ever receive a phone call or email like this, do not give out your information and please notify us right away. We will also NEVER ask you to download anything in an email, from Facebook, or from Twitter.

To report a suspicious call or email, or to simply ask questions, please call CharterBank's First Call Center at 1-800-763-4444.

For other information on protecting your financial security, visit our website's Identity Theft Help Center. CharterBank does not endorse, nor are we connected to any of the ads posted on our pages by Facebook or Twitter.

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